Why the sky is BLUE ????

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Ever wonder why the sky is blue??????

The question Why the sky is blue? is one of the most often asked questions by young and old people alike. To find the answer, we first have to look up into the sky at the earths atmosphere. If the earth had no atmosphere, the sky above would be black like the darkness of space. The earths atmosphere is mainly composed of the gases nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide as well as other materials like water vapour and dust. These are an important factor in making the sky appear blue. They are also half of the answer to this elusive question. Lets look at the other half.

Let there be light.

To better explain this natural phenomenon, It is important to consider light in more detail. Light is made up of a spectrum of colors. All the colours. All the colours in white light are different red light has a longer wavelength (think of a wavelength as how intense or powerful a colour is), while the shortest wavelength are on the violet end of the spectrum.

Sunlight collides with the elements in the atmosphere and the different wavelengths of light scatter throughout the sky. The colours with shorter wavelengths are scattered more, and, since violet and blue are the shortest wavelengths, the sky should appear violet. However, our eyes are more sensitive to blue light than they are to violet light, so we perceive the sky as blue.


Composed of : (phrasal verb) : to be made or formed from several parts, things or people

Elusive : (adj.) : difficult to find , define or achieve

Phenomenon : (n) : a fact or an event in nature or society, especially one that is not fully understood

Spectrum : (n) : a band of coloured light in order of the wavelengths, as seen in a rainbow and into which a ray of light may be separated

Collide : (v) : if two people, vehicles, etc. collide, they crash into each other

Scatter : (v) : to throw or drop things in different directions

Perceive : (v) : to notice or become aware of something

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Thanks alot for what you provide us , interesing and useful information

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"Why the sky is blue?"

Well, the title reminds me of a poem I've once read long ago. Just want to share it...

I don't suppose you happen to know
Why the sky is blue? It's because the snow
Takes out the white. That leaves it clean
For the trees and grass to take out the green.

Then pears and bananas starts to mellow
And bit by bit they take out the yellow.
The sunsets, of course, take out the red
And pour it into the ocean bed.
Or behind the mountains in the west.
You take all that out and the rest
Couldn't be anything else but blue.
--- Look for yourself. You can see it's true.

Why The Sky Is Blue -- John Ciardi

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สบายดีนะคะพรุงนี้ก็ได้กลับบ้านแล้วซินะคะ เดินทางปลอดภัยนะคะ

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ว้าว.. บล็อก เสริมทักษะภาษาอังกฤษ เหรอคะ น่ารักและมีประโยชน์จังเลย


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สวัสดีค่ะ ฝากเนื้อฝากตัวด้วยนะคะ

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